Chase and United are ripping off customers with changes to MileagePlus Explorer card

Making changes to credit card and loyalty programs mid-year is becoming a new fad in the airline industry. Last year, Alaska Airlines announced in July that it would no longer offer elite status and earning benefits with American Airlines.

Similarly, Chase has just announced that it is cutting one of the best benefits of the MileagePlus Explorer card – that you receive 10,000 bonus miles for $25,000 spent in a program year. The biggest issue is that the change goes into effect as of June 1st, meaning that if you’re like me and have been spending like crazy to meet this requirement (and passing up the opportunity to earn more points on other cards), you are out of luck.

While Chase is offering 4,000 miles to anyone who has between $10,000 and $24,999 spent before June 1st, and while their customer service supervisor tried to stress that in their terms they can change any benefit for any reason whenever they’d like, it’s my belief this type of activity is a breach of contract.

Chase made an offer (spend $25,000 and receive 10,000 miles), me and many others relied on that offer to their benefit, and they revoked it after receiving the benefit.

While the legal claim might not hold up (depending on what’s in the terms), I think this is unethical and it makes me never want to use this card again.

Aside from a black eye or a dead dog, it seems that nothing is really reliable with United.

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