5 great day trips from Fresno

Fresno, located in California’s Central Valley, is a city that is not on a lot people’s radar. With its growing population (it’s the 5th-most populous city in California!) and a federal courthouse, I’ve had friends relocate there recently and have noticed a lack of information on fun places to visit while there.

With a central location, Fresno has some really incredible day trips within your reach (if you aren’t afraid of some time in the car!). Here are 5 great day trips you can take from Fresno.

Yosemite National Park


Yosemite National Park is one of the beautiful places on the planet and located about 2 hours away from Fresno. Be sure to arrive early to take advantage of some truly amazing hiking trails and bring your camera too.

Sequoia National Park


Sequoia National Park, which is adjacent to to Kings Canyon National Park, is home to Hume Lake and some amazing sights. While only Hume Lake is reachable for a day trip, it’s a great getaway if you’re looking for some boating fun.

San Luis Obispo County

San Luis.jpg

Whether it’s wine tasting in Paso Robles or exploring the Hearst Castle, the rolling hills of San Luis Obispo County make for an awesome day trip, especially if you want to get some sun.

Kings Canyon National Park

Kings Canyon.jpg

If you want to get out in the mountains, check out Kings Canyon National Park, which is located on the southern end of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. There are some amazing hikes in Kings Canyon, including part of the John Muir Trail.



Boasting a beautiful harbor and one of the best aquariums in California, Monterey makes for an amazing day trip. Though slightly long (you can make it in a little over 2 hours if you get lucky with traffic), you won’t regret checking out this amazing coastal town.

If these day trips aren’t enough for you, you can always check out these homes for sale in Fresno, CA and think about making it your permanent base.

Traveling with marijuana “a very gray area” according to LAX Police Department

January 1, 2018 marks the first day since recreational marijuana was legalized in California that individuals without a medical recommendation can purchase marijuana legally in a store.

But if you can buy marijuana in California legally*, can you fly with it? [*Note that marijuana is still not legal under federal law]

When asked the same question, officer Rob Pedregon, a spokesman for the police force at Los Angeles International Airport, stated, “It’s going to be a very gray area.”

According to Pedregon, it will partially depend on where your flight is headed.

“We’re still in the state of California,” he said. “Open that [airplane] door on the other end and passengers are subject to a whole different set of local laws.”

So, if you’re flying to or through a state where marijuana isn’t yet legal, you should definitely avoid flying with the wacky tobaccy as you could face fines, jails, or imprisonment.

If you’re flying within California with marijuana, the biggest risk appears to be that you may be asked to dispose of your weed or edibles before going through security. While not ideal for some smokers, if you’re flying within California, the destination you’re going to will probably have weed for sale as well.

San Francisco Trip Deal: $399 round-trip from SFO to Shanghai on China Southern

China Southern, a member of the SkyTeam Alliance, is putting flights from San Francisco, California to Shanghai, China on sale! Flights start at $399 round-trip, after taxes with very good availability in September and October.

Note that Google Flights will price the flight at $400, but it will be $399 when booking either on Priceline or direct through China Southern. Feel free to take pictures of the how you spent the dollar you saved and send them to Josh Trips!

To find this deal, use Google Flights and search for business class flights between SFO and PVG.