Former Norwegian prime minister detained at Dulles Airport because of 2014 Iran visit

You generally expect leaders of countries to be well-traveled, right? Well, a diplomatic trip to Iran in 2014 taken by Norway’s former prime minister, Kjell Magne Bondevik, caused him to be detained for about an hour at Dulles Airport in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday.

Bondevik was traveling to the U.S. to take part in the National Prayer Breakfast, where, according to the Washington Post,

“[H]e was detained and questioned for about an hour, all because of a passport stamp. His passport — which clearly stated he is the former prime minister of Norway — indicated he had taken a 2014 trip to Iran, where Bondevik said he had attended a human rights conference.”

Talking about the incident, Bondevik said, “I was surprised, and I was provoked. What will the reputation of the U.S. be if this happens not only to me, but also to other international leaders?”


Aeroméxico announces plan for 3-hour express flights from Mexico to Europe

In attempt to make Mexico even more amazing, Aeroméxico announced plans to purchase 10 aircraft from Boeing that travel so quickly, customers will be able to get from Mexico to Europe in only 3 hours.

According to Google Translate and limited Spanish skills, the press release says,

“This new service will also allow passengers to experience flying near outer space, since the flight path of the equipment amounts to 360,000 feet in height, thus reaching the boundary between the atmosphere and the latter. This is how the airline goes one step further towards the space tourism industry.”

If Aeroméxico can pull this off, it may drastically transform boundaries and travel around the globe.