Philippines prohibiting tourists in Boracay for 6 months

For those familiar with the Philippines, Boracay is famous for 2 things – stunning beaches and tourism. Probably the most tourist-friendly beach location in the island nation, Boracay is, in many ways, a remote workers dream with reliable WiFi, lots of flights (and boats) to the island, and a large expat presence.

But starting April 26th, tourists will be banned from the island for at least 6 months, as the government claims its famous beaches have been transformed into a “cesspool” due to sustained environmental damage.

According to CNN, the President of the Philippines is quoted as saying, “As long as there is shit coming out of those pipes draining to the sea, I will never give you the time of the day (to return)” to the island.

But have no fear, friends and readers looking to travel to the Philippines — if Boracay isn’t a possibility, I’d definitely encourage you to check out El Nido on the island of Palawan, and you can check out my trip report here.

Spain overtakes U.S. to become second-most visited country for tourists

Despite recent terrorist attacks and unrest in Catalonia, the United National World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) has announced that Spain will overtake the U.S. as the second-most visited country for tourists.

“Overnight arrivals to the US fell by around four per cent during the first six months of 2017, compared with the previous year,” according to The Telegraph, which attributes the drop in U.S. tourism to a “Trump slump.” In Spain, around 82.2 million international tourists visited in 2017, up from 75.3 million in 2016.

France holds onto the title of the most-visited country in the world.

Day trip to Waimea Canyon on Kauai

If you’re visiting Kauai, hopefully you’ve done your research and know that the island is about more than pristine beaches and tropical tans. Kauai, perhaps more than any other Hawaiian island, is filled with stunningly beautiful landscapes that you’d miss by spending your entire day sipping drinks by the pool.

Aside from the beach, the most popular attraction on Kauai is the Nā Pali Coast State Park, which is best viewed by helicopter (more on that in a future post). But a day trip that should not be missed is visiting Waimea Canyon State Park on Kauai’s west coast.

How to get there

Getting to Waimea Canyon State Park is an easy drive. In full disclosure, I am a city kid and had not driven for 3 years before my recent trip to Kauai. I was nervous to drive, but my traveling buddy enjoys drinking a lot, and since I’m still focused on fitness while I travel, I agreed to take over some of the driving responsibilities while he imbibed.

With that as a background, getting to Waimea Canyon State Park is fairly pain-free. Because of how mountainous Kauai gets in the center of the island, the only way to get to Waimea Canyon is to take Hawaii Route 50 along the southern coast of the island up to Waimea Canyon Drive (the road is also known as Hawaii State Road 550 and there will be prominent signs for the turn-off). From there, it’s a straight shoot up, with various lookout points along the way and hikes for those who are more adventurous.

View from the first lookout point at Waimea Canyon State Park

The southern route access makes it a bit harder for those staying on Princeville to visit, but for those staying in the southern portion of the island (particularly Poipu), you can expect a drive of around 20-30 minutes from beach to the top of Waimea Canyon.

What to expect

There are 3 reasons to visit Waimea Canyon State Park: views, hikes, and views.

To be honest, I did a short hike while in the state park and wasn’t impressed. But I also gave up within 20 minutes and might have missed a stunning vista.

But even without hiking, you can experience the amazing views which can be roughly compared to a smaller Grand Canyon. In fact, there are many bus services offering tours up to Waimea Canyon, and a lot of them are marketed towards seniors with limited mobility. The vistas aren’t from the parking lots, which have plenty of space for all the cars and buses making stops

Clouds rolling over Waimea Canyon, while it stayed sunny on the beach!

Something that’s also great about Waimea Canyon State Park is that the weather is much cooler because of the rise in elevation. Of course, if you go to Hawaii you aren’t necessarily looking for cooler weather, but if you’re feeling exhausted from the Hawaiian sun, it’s sometimes nice to get a break while still being outside. Note that the altitude (about 3,600 feet up) can take a bit out of you as well, so be sure to bring plenty of water.

The takeaway

Because of the ease of access to Waimea Canyon State Park by road, it serves the perfect day trip in Kauai. From experience, you can wake up, go to the beach, drive to Waimea Canyon State Park, and still have enough time to go back to the beach for a few hours of prime sunshine before sunset.