Review of Virgin America’s current in-flight, seat-back entertainment for cross-country flights

I have been toying with idea of going for status on Alaska ever since the merger with Virgin America.

During a recent trip from SFO to JFk on Virgin America, I was surprised (I’m not sure why) to see that the airline was charging to watch specific TV shows and movies. Since airlines will probably follow this trend of charging for specific content, I wanted to share the costs of in-flight, seat-back entertainment that Virgin America offers for cross-country flights:


  • Dish satellite TV, which includes CBS, NBC, Fox, Comedy Central, ESPN, and CNN (this is what I watched)
  • The Big Bang Theory (Season 2), Jane the Virgin (Seasons 1), and single episodes of NCIS: New Orleans, Elementary, and Madame Secretary
  • Featured content, which is basically ads from LinkedIn, GoPro, and several introduction to films that likely paid Virgin America to be featured for free


  • TV shows: Dice (3-episode packs), Billions (2-episode packs), Fraggle Rock (per episode)


  • TV shows: Divorce (4-episode pack), Last Night with John Oliver (4-episode pack), Vice (4-episode pack)
  • Movies: Ovarian Psychos, Hooligan Sparrow, Transfatty lives


  • Dirty Things, The Comedian, Meet the Patels, Hell or High Water


There are a few extra movie/TV shows available then I’ve been able my list, but I tried to compile it as best I could before passing out.

Overall, the free entertainment was enough for me, although I definitely would have preferred to watch a movie rather than CNN (what I ended up watching). I’m not a fan of airlines charging for entertainment while flying, but appreciate the free satellite TV I got from Virgin America (I had to pay for it on the way back from Miami to SFO with United).