Aeroméxico announces plan for 3-hour express flights from Mexico to Europe

In attempt to make Mexico even more amazing, Aeroméxico announced plans to purchase 10 aircraft from Boeing that travel so quickly, customers will be able to get from Mexico to Europe in only 3 hours.

According to Google Translate and limited Spanish skills, the press release says,

“This new service will also allow passengers to experience flying near outer space, since the flight path of the equipment amounts to 360,000 feet in height, thus reaching the boundary between the atmosphere and the latter. This is how the airline goes one step further towards the space tourism industry.”

If Aeroméxico can pull this off, it may drastically transform boundaries and travel around the globe.

San Francisco Trip Deal: $411 direct, round-trip from SFO to Panama City, Panama (PTY) on Copa Airlines

Copa Airlines, a member of the Star Alliance, is putting its direct San Francisco to Panama City route on sale for $411 round-trip, direct, including taxes, between January 2017 and May 2017.

Availability appears great, even over  Martin Luther Kind Day and Presidents’ Day.

To find this deal, use Google Flights and search for non-stop flights between SFO and PTY.

I have taken Copa’s direct flight from San Francisco to Panama City before, and I especially love their red-eye, which, at just over 7 hours, can yield in just the right amount of sleep to enjoy your morning in Panama City.

If you don’t mind a layover (bringing the trip to 10+ hours) or need American/Oneworld miles, American has flights for as low as $376 for those same dates.

Norwegian Air’s Argentina Gambit

Norwegian Air is quickly becoming one of the most well-known European low-cost carriers, particularly in the United States. Norwegian operates out of many U.S. cities. The airline’s Bay Area base is out of Oakland, and it’s not out of the ordinary to find round-trip, direct flights from there to cities such as Copenhagen, Oslo, and Stockholm for between $300-$500 after taxes.

Norwegian is expanding its operations, having recently been granted approval for U.S. to Ireland flights. Additionally, Norwegian announced that it will be operating flights within Argentina beginning late 2017. While exact routes have not yet been announced, it’s expected that the airline will have bases in Buenos Aires, Cordoba, and possibly the wine tasting region of Mendoza.

Much is to be gained by operating in Argentina, Latin America’s 3rd largest economy with little airline competition. And if Norwegian can pull it off, it might open other markets and interesting routes for the increasingly global European carrier.