Norwegian Air’s Argentina Gambit

Norwegian Air is quickly becoming one of the most well-known European low-cost carriers, particularly in the United States. Norwegian operates out of many U.S. cities. The airline’s Bay Area base is out of Oakland, and it’s not out of the ordinary to find round-trip, direct flights from there to cities such as Copenhagen, Oslo, and Stockholm for between $300-$500 after taxes.

Norwegian is expanding its operations, having recently been granted approval for U.S. to Ireland flights. Additionally, Norwegian announced that it will be operating flights within Argentina beginning late 2017. While exact routes have not yet been announced, it’s expected that the airline will have bases in Buenos Aires, Cordoba, and possibly the wine tasting region of Mendoza.

Much is to be gained by operating in Argentina, Latin America’s 3rd largest economy with little airline competition. And if Norwegian can pull it off, it might open other markets and interesting routes for the increasingly global European carrier.

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