Cathay Pacific CEO resigns after refusing to give names of protesting employees to Chinese Aviation Authority

At a time where corporate profit and greed seem to dominate the headlines globally, Rupert Hogg, the now former-CEO of Cathay Pacific airlines, stands out as an exception.

According to the Taiwan News, Mr. Hogg was asked by Beijing authorities to hand over a list of all Cathay Pacific employees who participated in the recent Hong Kong protests, and Mr. Hogg responded by submitting a list with only his name on it.

I think this is a really bold and awesome move and that whoever replaces Mr. Hogg will follow his footsteps if asked for similar information. Although, admittedly, I’m not an expert in Chinese law (but did take one class in law school!), I think the idea of giving out employees’ names for participating in protests is offensive, and that Mr. Hogg made the right call.

Employees who feel looked after will, almost always, look after their employer. This makes me even more excited to fly Cathay in November, although I’ll have to see if Mr. Hogg’s replacement takes a similar stance (and if Hong Kong’s airport will even be open by then).

San Francisco Trip Deal: $417 direct, round-trip from SFO to Hong Kong on United and Cathay Pacific

United and Cathay Pacific have some pretty amazing flights from San Francisco to Hong Kong right now. Flights start at $417 direct, round-trip, after taxes with open availability between September and December 2018.

This is a great deal to Hong Kong and my favorite time to visit the city, with less heat and humidity.

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San Diego Trip Deal: $549 round-trip from SAN to Hong Kong on Alaska, Hainan

Alaska Airlines and Hainan Airlines are putting flights to Hong Kong on sale from San Diego for travel with dates from January through April, with flights starting at $549 after taxes.

Hong Kong is an amazing jumping off point to the rest of Asia, and a great city to explore (and remote work from!).

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A day trip to the beach in Stanley, Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of my favorite cities in the world. Through circumstance and choice, I usually end up visiting at the end of November. I love Hong Kong in November and part of the reason is that, for me, the weather is perfect around that time – with moderate daytime temperatures (around 65 -70 degrees Fahrenheit this trip) and generally sunny skies. I love walking around in shorts, without the oppressive heat, and seeing the Christmas decorations next to palm trees.

Whenever I visit Hong Kong, I always make grand plans to explore areas outside of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, such as Macau or its beaches. But, like clockwork, every time I visit I end up enjoying the city so much that I never leave its grips.

Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

That all changed this last trip to Hong Kong, when I made it for a day trip to Stanley Beach after spending Thanksgiving in Palawan.

It started, like most great stories, on Grindr. I met an American also visiting from the U.S. alone, who was in Hong Kong for the first time. He wanted to explore the city and because my hotel was right by Victoria Peak, I mentioned that we should go up it. It had been a few years since I had visited, so I didn’t mind revisiting and taking in the city views. After taking in the view and walking around a bit, he mentioned wanting to go to Stanley’s Main Beach on the south-side of Hong Kong Island, and after Googling it and seeing pictures, I agreed.

Stanley Main Beach, Hong Kong

We decided to order an Uber. It was hard finding a place for the driver to pick us up, and we walked around trying to find a hotel to call from. We had no luck though, so found a store with an address on the front, and put that location in a map. The Uber driver arrived in a gorgeous, new Mercedes Benz, spoke perfect English, and whisked us away on a roughly 20 minute and $15 drive to Stanley Beach.

Stanley Bay

I was instantly struck by how calm and laid back the vibe was there. In fact, I couldn’t believe I was still in Hong Kong – it felt like the Gold Coast in Australia! Being that it was the end of November and not quite swimming weather, it was fairly empty, though definitely warm enough to tan (I didn’t bring a bathing suit, though, and was unsure of Hong Kong laws on nudity).


There were a plethora of restaurants – from Italian to Thai to Pizza – and there was an amazing beach vibe. It’s definitely family-friendly, as there were a lot of kids with their parents and even a fun race going on, where participants were racing in wheelbarrows.

Stanley Promonade.JPG

The beach is fairly small, and I felt as though spending 2-3 hours there was plenty. However, if you like to shop, there is a great market there, with lots of clothes, art, and food that could make it worth a longer stay.

Stanley is worth checking out, particularly if you need to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.