Cathay Pacific CEO resigns after refusing to give names of protesting employees to Chinese Aviation Authority

At a time where corporate profit and greed seem to dominate the headlines globally, Rupert Hogg, the now former-CEO of Cathay Pacific airlines, stands out as an exception.

According to the Taiwan News, Mr. Hogg was asked by Beijing authorities to hand over a list of all Cathay Pacific employees who participated in the recent Hong Kong protests, and Mr. Hogg responded by submitting a list with only his name on it.

I think this is a really bold and awesome move and that whoever replaces Mr. Hogg will follow his footsteps if asked for similar information. Although, admittedly, I’m not an expert in Chinese law (but did take one class in law school!), I think the idea of giving out employees’ names for participating in protests is offensive, and that Mr. Hogg made the right call.

Employees who feel looked after will, almost always, look after their employer. This makes me even more excited to fly Cathay in November, although I’ll have to see if Mr. Hogg’s replacement takes a similar stance (and if Hong Kong’s airport will even be open by then).

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