Traveling to Charleston, South Carolina for the Great American Eclipse of 2017

One of my travel goals of 2017 was to visit Charleston, South Carolina – not only because it was named the Best City in the World by Travel + Leisure in 2016, but because a good friend (and fellow remote worker) lives on Sullivan’s Island, a short ride from downtown Charleston, and he’s been trying to get me to visit.

Admittedly, I didn’t know about the 2017 total solar eclipse, which will take place on August 21st, until this morning. As I was delaying getting out of bed, I was reading the news and not only learned about the eclipse, but also about the path of totality – where the sun will be entirely blocked by the moon – which will extend from Oregon to South Carolina.

path of totality.jpg
Map of the path of totality for the 2017 Great American Eclipse

The “path of totality” sounds pretty metal, and I knew immediately I wanted to be in it. After doing some research, I found out that Charleston (particularly north of the city) is on the path, reached out to my friend, and booked my ticket. I also discovered that this is the first total solar eclipse since 1979 and that the next one won’t be until 2024 (going from Texas to Maine). The total time in darkness in Charleston will last around 2 minutes and will take place around 2:47pm local time.

A list of the best places to view the 2017 Great American Eclipse can be found here.

I’m a little nervous about the weather, particularly as it’s hurricane season and will be hot/humid, but I figure even if it’s cloudy/stormy, it will still be pretty awesome to experience darkness in the middle of the day. This seemed like too cool of an opportunity to pass up; if you’re anywhere near the path of totality, you should try and check it out!

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