4 reasons why United should allow emotional support peacocks on its flights

Recently, a woman tried to board a United Airlines flight leaving from Newark Liberty International Airport with her emotional support peacock, but the airline denied the bird entry on the flight.

Below are 4 reasons why United should consider revising its policy and allowing emotional support peacocks on board.

They are majestic as hell

In all of the reporting following the recent incident, no one — not even United — has denied how freakin’ majestic these beautiful creatures are.

Nature’s drag queen, the peacock struts about like it’s the cock of the walk and for good reason.

I’m guessing United never even considered that the peacock could use the aisle as a fashion runway, providing free on-board entertainment for its customers (or maybe that’s why they blocked the peacock, since it could take away from their in-flight entertainment revenue).

It would would serve as an emotional support peacock for all passengers

In recorded history, no one has ever seen a peacock and said, “Oh no, a peacock!” Instead, people smile, their hearts warm up, and some even cry tears of joy when looking at this majestic AF (see above) animal.

Allowing such a beautiful creature on a plane would bring joy to otherwise stressed and anxious passengers.

Some already have black eyes, making it easier to conceal typical United customer service policies

We all know how you like to give your passengers black eyes, United, so it might excite you to know that some peacocks come tailored-made with black eyes already in place. This lowers your workload and allows the airline focus on providing other passengers with the type of service we’ve come to expect from United.

What are you, my doctor?

Who is United to say that emotional support dogs are okay but emotional support peacocks are not? Where did they get their medical degree from? Did they examine me?

Maybe I had a dog-related trauma and only feel safe when accompanied by a peacock. Or maybe I was raised by peacocks and need to be around them to find any sense of belonging in the world. Both are sensible and all-too-common reasons why people may need an emotional support peacock, and my reasons for having one should be between me and my doctor.

Do you agree with United’s policy? Let me know in the comments!

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