An easy way to make $20 and earn 3.5-12+% cashback for travel and other purchases

TopCashBack has become my new favorite website, and has already saved me over $163.19 in the last day alone.

Basically, the site has affiliate partnerships with hundreds of businesses (including, Hilton, Marriott, Amazon, and eBay) and gives the money they make from affiliate sales to you (TopCashBack instead makes money through advertisements).

Though the actual cashback amounts will change based on affiliate deals, this is what the website current looks like (featuring only a few of the many deals):


I was able to get 12% cashback on a laptop purchased and 8% cashback for a hotel stay booked through (using the link provided by TopCashBack). All purchases posted to my account within a few hours (although payment takes 5-14 weeks, at least with the purchases I’ve made).


This is worth signing up for on its own. But to sweeten the deal, TopCashBack is offering new users $20 for signing up for an account before 2am on March 17, 2019 (which is paid after you earns $10 in cashback). This is an incredible promotion, even for people who don’t travel much, since you can earn cashback from places like Amazon, Banana Republic, eBay, and more.

To get this promotion, you need the referral link of a current user (note that I’ll be compensated $10 for each signup). You can signup using this link:


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