What JoshTrips has been up to the last few months

It’s an understatement to say that 2020 has been a difficult time to be a travel blogger. With international tourism shutting down almost* completely to American tourists (*I’m writing this post from a Mexican beach right now, so obviously not entirely!), my travel has been limited and I’ve had to cancel a number of trips.

I wanted to give an update on what I’ve been up to, where I’ve been, and what you can expect in the coming months.

Writing for NerdWallet

An exciting development for 2020 is that I’ve started writing for one of the largest travel blogs in the world, NerdWallet. I’m very excited to share my wealth of knowledge on travel (and travel deals) on a larger platform, although sadly it has reduced the amount of time that I can spend on JoshTrips.com.

While I promise to spend more time on content for JoshTrips in the coming months, I’ll also be sharing my NerdWallet posts on JoshTrips’ Facebook page.

Focusing on my attorney hustle

While being a travel writer is my passion, my regular job is as an attorney, running my own practice.

I am very lucky because, despite a lot of uncertainty when COVID-19 first came about, I’ve managed to stay busy in my practice due to some incredible and loyal clients. Since my travel schedule has been reduced significantly, I’ve been focusing more time on my practice which has led to less posts on JoshTrips.com.

Moved to Los Angeles

After almost a decade in San Francisco, in July I bought my first place and moved to Los Angeles. The move and home-buying process has both been stressful and rewarding.

Now that I’m almost settled, I’ll have more time to devote to JoshTrips.com. With my move to Los Angeles, I’m very excited to use LAX as a travel base and am in the process of switching my allegiance from United to Alaska Airlines.

Travel I’ve done this year

Every year, I write a post about my travel goals to both inspire myself and others to plan an exciting year of travel. When I wrote my list of 2020 goals, I had no idea how truly aspirational they really were.

I began my year quite strong, with travel to Colombia in January and Maui for whale season in February. But it all went downhill from there and I started cancelling travel at the end of February due to COVID-19, including trips to Taiwan, Milan, Paris, Dubai, Switzerland, Bali, and Sri Lanka.

I took my 1st since February in August, to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Currently, I’m on my 2nd trip — in Punta de Mita, Mexico, checking out the brand new Conrad Punta de Mita.

Although it’s very possible that a lot of my upcoming trips will be canceled, I’ve got a pretty full schedule ahead with the following all planned:

  • Costa Rica for a week-long learn-to-surf trip in November (this was actually one of my original 2020 travel goals)
  • Medellín in December
  • Maldives for Christmas (although will 95% be cancelling this, as I went last year and can’t find someone to go with me this time around)
  • The Big Island, Hawaii for whale season in January
  • Bora Bora in February
  • Oman and possibly Egypt, Tbilisi, and/or Estonia in March
  • Maui in May
  • Switzerland and Dubai in June

All of the above trips are easy to cancel if need be, although I’m most optimistic about Costa Rica, the Big Island, Bora Bora, Maui, and Switzerland/Dubai happening.

What to expect moving forward

I really appreciate all of my readers and promise to spend more time devoted to JoshTrips in the coming months!

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