Airport ride-sharing app Wingz offers free rides to those directly affected by U.S. travel ban

Wingz, a ride-sharing service similar to Uber and Lyft, but which focuses on pre-arranged rides to airports, announced today that it would be offering free rides to those directly affected by America’s new travel ban.

In a statement e-mailed to customers, Wingz said,

“You’ve certainly heard about the recent closure of our borders to the incoming flow of travelers from seven different, predominantly Muslim, countries. One of the fundamental missions at Wingz has always been to create and foster lasting relationships between our riders and drivers, regardless of their faith, values, or nationalities. We at Wingz support the tenants of inclusivity that America was founded upon and want to assist those adversely affected in these precarious times.

That’s why throughout the month of February, we’re offering free rides from airports to those who were directly affected by the travel ban and are now able to re-enter the country (in any market where we offer service). Please contact us directly at and we will help you—or someone you know who is impacted—set up a ride home.”

I’ve used Wingz a number of times, and usually get one-way trips to SFO from the city for between $20-31.  Though sometimes more expensive than other ride-sharing apps, it’s convenient to set up a pick-up in advance, and I’ve always had excellent experiences.  Wingz is available at airports around the country, including Austin, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, and Seattle.

This may have been political and in response to the #DeleteUber trend; but, regardless of their reasons, I think this is ultimately a great gesture.

You can sign up for Wingz using this link.

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