The curious case of the missing Alaska Airlines miles

Despite having status on United and American, I made the decision to fly Delta from SFO to LAX at the end of January.

With Alaska’s merger with Virgin America, I am considering going for status on the airline this year. My thought is to use Alaska/Virgin for domestic travel and United/Star Alliance for international travel (the latter is largely due to preferred routes rather than strong, favorable feelings towards United). Delta and Alaska are currently partners, though their partnership is ending in May 2017, so I wanted to take advantage of flying Delta and crediting the miles to Alaska while I could.

That said, based on my current experience with Alaska, I am questioning this decision.

Despite flying on January 27th and January 29th, my miles from my Delta flight have still not been credited to my Alaska account. This is after 2 calls to Alaska, 1 to Delta, and 2 e-mails sent to Alaska over the last week alerting them of the issue.

On both of my boarding passes for Delta, it had my Alaska Mileage Plan number and when I booked the flight through Delta, and before I flew on both flights, I called Delta to ensure the miles would be credited to Alaska, just to avoid this happening.

This may be an issue with Delta as much as it is with Alaska, but since the flights were almost 2 weeks ago, I’m disappointed that Alaska hasn’t done more about this.

Instead of going for status on Alaska, this experience is making me consider going for Gold status on United this year.

If you have any tips for getting great customer service from Alaska Airlines, let me know!

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