United Airlines offering bonus miles to select customers

United Airlines is offering certain MileagePlus members bonus miles for money spent with the airline between September 15, 2017 and November 15, 2017.


To find out if you qualify, follow this link.

I was eligible for this promotion and the offer I received was:

  • 5,000 bonus miles for $1,100 in purchases
  • 13,000 bonus miles for $1,400 in purchases

Although this offer is low (13,000 bonus miles = ~$162.50 at a $0.0125/mile valuation), there have been reports of offers worth over 95,000 miles depending on whatever funky calculation United is using.

While most flyers probably won’t book travel based on this offer, it’s worth signing up for and using if you are already planning on purchasing travel between now and mid-November.

H/T: Mommy Points

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