United MileagePlus miles will no longer expire

Effective immediately, your United MileagePlus miles will no longer expire (and if your miles were set to expire in July/August 2019, United will be re-instating them).

It’s interesting how United is switching its loyalty program to be more and more like Delta’s – first, by introducing dynamic pricing for award tickets and now by eliminating expiration dates for miles earned.

While it may sound good that your miles will never expire, United miles are now worth less because of the switch to dynamic pricing, so the recent changes are a mixed bag. Aside from that, Delta’s SkyMiles have the worst redemption values of all the miles of the major U.S. carriers, so United’s adopting of Delta’s reward model makes me a little nervous.

What are your thoughts on United making it so that MileagePlus miles never expire? Let me know in the comments!

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